ICR’s Heritage

While Independent Custom Realty itself is a relative newcomer to the business world of Philadelphia, its roots reach back far in the annals of Philadelphia history. Owner Peter Snowden Bishop’s ancestor, Issac Snowden, was the treasurer of the City of Philadelphia from 1780-1782 and was “prominently identified with the patriotic cause during the Revolution.” Like Issac Snowden, Mr. Bishop is dedicated to altering the status quo to provide Philadelphia’s citizens with advantages that outsiders have neglected. In this instance, it is the corporate leadership of the large real estate franchise companies, based elsewhere, that are operating here and failing to provide the accountability and service that Center City Philadelphia’s consumers deserve. ICR’s revolutionary paradigm shift is designed to ensure that client service and satisfaction, not a parent company’s bottom line, are paramount in the relationship between Realtor and client.

Over one hundred years after Issac Snowden walked Philadelphia’s streets, another of Mr. Bishop’s forbearers, Emil Meyle, formed and operated the Independent Pier and Towing Co. on the Delaware River. Independent Pier and Towing was responsible for ferrying goods and guiding ships on the Delaware. Sold to a German concern over 20 years ago, evidence of Independent Pier is still apparent in the city in the form of the Jupiter, one of the company’s former tugboats that is presently maintained at Penn’s Landing by the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild. Not only is Independent Custom Realty’s name a modern and relevant adaption of Independent Pier and Towing’s, but ICR seeks to replicate the history and success enjoyed by its forbearer in the world of Philadelphia business.