ICR’s Beginnings

As a boutique real estate firm focused on meeting the needs of buyers and sellers in the Center City real estate market, Independent Custom Realty’s mission guides its customer-centric approach. The impetus for ICR can be traced to the unsatisfactory real estate experiences that its owner, Peter Bishop, endured as a consumer while active in acquiring real estate for development in Philadelphia.  While working with numerous real estate “professionals,” Mr. Bishop often had to deal with unpunctual, unknowledgeable and, in some instances, unscrupulous agents.  He quickly recognized that a fundamental change was necessary in the way real estate is transacted.  In response, Mr. Bishop obtained his real estate license to ensure that he would be satisfactorily represented in real estate transactions.  After working for a national real estate brokerage, Mr. Bishop was afforded the opportunity in 2007 to purchase the commercial building at 429 South 16th Street in Center City, open ICR, and begin offering the highest level of service and the transparency and accountability that he sought as a consumer.

In forming ICR, Mr. Bishop chose to partner with broker Steve Sendzik, a fixture in Philadelphia real estate for nearly 30 years. Mr. Sendzik began his real estate career in Manyunk, working with developers to transform that neighborhood into the shopping, dining and entertainment destination it is today. The founder of the original Grape Street Pub, Mr. Sendzik operated his own thirty-agent brokerage in the Roxborough/Manyunk area for many years, and subsequently became involved in residential development.  Following Mr. Sendzik’s retirement from the real estate brokerage in 2014, Bishop added the role of managing broker to his title of owner.

Mr. Bishop possesses vast experience and a keen interest in providing Center City’s real estate consumers with the option of collaborating with a customer centric, professional enterprise. That is the purpose that drives Independent Custom Realty.