Seller’s Corner


ICR offers its selling clients customized representation, whereby they compensate ICR only for its billable time and expenses when it successfully sells their homes. See ICR’s Representation at work.


With its customized representation ICR seeks compensation commensurate with the work necessary to market and sell its clients’ homes quickly at the maximum possible price. This fee is routinely much more modest than the commissions sought by ICR’s competitors and is capped at an overall 4.25% of a home’s sales price.


ICR’s approach allows it to conduct transactions with competitors who practice traditional representation as well as transactions in which ICR acts as a dual agent. In cooperative transactions, ICR encourages its selling clients to offer appealing commissions, usually 3% of a home’s sales price, to cooperating brokers representing Buyers. In instances in which ICR represents both Buyer and Seller, the 3% cooperating broker commission compensates ICR for representing the buyer and is used by ICR as an incentive to its buying client to facilitate the purchase of the Seller’s home. Learn more about ICR’s Buyer’s Incentive Program.