Mortgage Advice from ICR

In light of the recent economic crisis and the resulting tightening of lending standards, it has never been more imperative for home buyers to educate themselves about the mortgage process and the mortgage products available to them.  Towards that end, ICR recommends that any potential customers of mortgage loan products consult The Mortgage Professor’s Website at  Through his website, Professor Jack Guttentag, Professor Finance Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, does an outstanding job of making the sometimes complicated mortgage process remarkably understandable.   Consult The Mortgage Professor to obtain current rates, use the mortgage calculator, and find Upfront Mortgage Brokers and Lenders who have pledged to perform business in a forthright and transparent manner.

Clients interested in personal consultations with local mortgage professionals are encouraged to contact multiple mortgage bankers or brokers.  Listed below are some who have provided assistance to ICR clients.  ICR does not recommend or endorse any particular lender, banker or broker.

Golden Home Mortgage
566 Main Street
Schwenksville, PA 19473