Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Independent Custom Realty rather than hiring a large franchise firm to sell my house or assist me in buying a house in Center City?

In the field of real estate, the cliché “bigger is better” carries little weight. Independent Custom Realty has the same resources at its disposal as the large franchise firms to assist clients in the sales and purchases of their homes. For example, ICR has a significant internet presence and the marketing experience to utilize print advertising, direct marketing and a wide network of contacts to achieve outstanding results for its clients. Therefore, the real difference between ICR and its larger, bottom-line-oriented competitors is ICR’s willingness to collaborate with its clients to efficiently achieve their real estate goals and do it in an economically advantageous manner thanks to its professional fee representation.

Is Independent Custom Realty LLP a “discount” real-estate brokerage?

No. ICR is a full service real-estate firm providing both Buying and Selling clients with the benefit of equitable, customized representation. ICR’s flexibility allows its clients, if they are inclined, to collaborate with ICR to tailor their representation to meet their needs. The result of this collaboration is that ICR’s clients are not forced to endure unwanted aspects of traditional representation or pay for services that they may not want or may not need.

Isn’t 6% the standard commission that sellers must pay real-estate firms with whom they contract to sell their homes?

By law, commissions are negotiable. So while the 6% commission has been used widely in the industry, consumers who are selling their homes are not required to accept this arbitrary commission as the amount they must pay a real estate firm at the closing of a successful sale.

What is “Professional Fee Representation?”

It is the way Independent Custom Realty represents its clients. Rather than accepting commissions for its services, ICR seeks only a professional fee that accurately reflects its billable time and expenses. This is the prevalent compensation structure found in other professions and ICR prides itself on taking a professional approach to representing clients. It, therefore, follows that a professional fee arrangement is the most logical and equitable manner for ICR to be compensated.

What are the advantages of Professional Fee Representation?

Professional fee representation permits ICR to provide each of its buying clients with a custom level of assistance in the search process and the professional expertise to handle every remaining aspect of the transaction. It also enables ICR to conduct business with the professionalism, transparency and accountability that its savvy clients deserve.

I like ICR’s approach, but I’m accustomed to the traditional commission approach to real estate services. Will ICR represent me for a trial period so I can determine if it is the right fit for me?

ICR believes its clients should have the right to seek other representation if they’re unhappys. So, while other Realtors demand that both buying and selling consumers contract with them for definite periods of time, ICR represents clients for only as long as they are satisfed with the representation ICR is providing them.

If ICR’s professional fee is based on billable hours and expenses, do I have to pay ICR a fee if my house doesn’t sell or if I don’t end up purchasing a home?

No. ICR, like its competitors only requests compensation when it fulfills its obligation to sell a client’s home or when its collaboration with a client leads to the successful purchase of a home. It is ICR’s philosophy that it be compensated only for the work it does in the course of successfully fulfilling its obligation.

As a buyer do I have to pay ICR a fee?

No. ICR expects to be compensated by a seller when an ICR client successfully purchases the seller’s home. Unlike its competitors, however, ICR’s imits its compensation to payment for the time and expense of representing its client, up to a maximum of the cooperating broker commission. In most instances, ICR’s fee is less than the offered commission. Therefore, ICR provides buying clients with the monetary difference between its fee and the offered commission to assist them in defraying closing costs.

Are the professionals of Independent Custom Realty LLP Realtors?

Yes. ICR’s Realty Specialists are members of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

Does ICR have in-house mortgage and title services like some other real estate firms?

Unlike many of its competitors ICR does not advocate the use of any particular mortgage or title company. While other firms pay lip service to laws prohibiting real estate firms from directing clients to utilize the resources of particular mortgage and title specialists, ICR embraces those laws. In doing so, ICR encourages clients to do their due diligence and establish relationships with mortgage, title, insurance and inspection professionals with whom they feel most comfortable.

Can ICR assist me even if I’m not a consumer in the Center City market?

ICR is a specialist in the Center City Philadelphia marketplace. Its professionals reside in this market, work in this market, and understand this market. ICR does not feign understanding of the nuances and trends existing in other markets. ICR, however, does have an extensive list of contacts at other real estate firms in the region and across the country that share its philosophy of practicing customer-centric representation and is happy to provide referrals.