Washington Square West

Washington Square WestWashington Square West, or “Wash West” to those trying to impress, corresponds to the area between 6th and 10th Streets and Walnut and South Streets. Washington Square West is anchored by Washington Square in the northeast corner or the neighborhood. One of the original five squares laid out by William Penn is his original design for Philadelphia, Washington Square was used as a burial ground during the Revolution and the yellow fever epidemic that followed. Today, the square itself is a tranquil haven dominated by older growth trees that serve to provide a bucolic setting in which adults can stroll and children can frolic. For many decades the neighborhood surrounding the square had undergone a gradual deterioration that ultimately led to a push for redevelopment in the 1950s and 1960s. A lengthy gentrification movement subsequently ensued that resulted in the neighborhood becoming much sought after by aspiring home purchasers. Today the Washington Square West neighborhood remains highly regarded by prospective residents desiring to enjoythe serenity of the square and the vibrancy offered by nearby South Street and Old City. Likewise, those residing in Washington Square West can spend a night out at one of the many fine restaurants in the neighborhood or a quiet evening at home on a quant side street. There could be worse choices! In terms of architecture, Washington Square possesses a combination of federal and Georgian styled buildings that are coupled with more contemporary structures built during the period of redevelopment. Additionally, there are mid-rise and high rise condominium and apartment buildings, some that are modern and some that have retained a sense of Philadelphia’s history.