Graduate Hospital

Graduate HospitalNumerous attempts have been undertaken recently to bestow more fashionable names upon this gentrifying neighborhood lying between South Street and Washington Avenue and Broad Street and the Schuylkill River. But despite efforts to cultivate momentum behind names like “SoSo” (south of South Street) and “Southwest Center City,” those in the know continue to refer to it as the “Graduate Hospital” neighborhood. The area gets its name from the former hospital that was located at 18th and Lombard Streets that is now the site of a continuing care center associated with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Historically a residential neighborhood, the Graduate Hospital neighborhood has experienced significant changes over the last decade. Its proximity to Rittenhouse Square and the central business district has motivated both developers and individual homeowners to purchase and restore long neglected two and three story row homes there and to build newly constructed homes possessing such modern conveniences as built-in garages and roof decks.

The area’s housing stock has been further augmented by the transformation of some of the neighborhood’s larger existing structures into condominiums. This Toll Brother’s development of the formerly dormant Naval Home property on Grays Ferry Avenue is the most blatant example of this movement. Over the last five years the20 acre property has been transformed into a pleasant gated townhome and condominium community.

A more recent trend in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood has been the development of commercial enterprises to support the ever-increasing influx of residents. This trend is likely to continue, as more businesses realize that there is a vast, underserved market existing in this most convenient neighborhood.