Discovering Center City Philadelphia

Center City Philadelphia

Philadelphia can be regarded as a city of neighborhoods, with each section of the city possessing its own rich history and unique character.  City residents sometimes identify more strongly with their neighborhood than they do with the city itself.  Center City is no different.  It too is comprised of neighborhoods, with the number that are considered part of the downtown area increasing in the past ten to fifteen years.  For example, the Graduate Hospital neighborhood has traditionally been considered a part of South Philadelphia. But with an influx of new residents, with employment and social ties to Center City, the neighborhood has come to be regarded as a part of Center City; even assuming the moniker of “Southwest Center City.”

As experts in the Center City market, Independent Custom Realty LLP and its Realtors are familiar with each of the neighborhoods in Center City’s environs. Descriptions of each of the neighborhoods can be found below and are helpful for those wishing to familiarize themselves with them.