Buyer’s Corner


ICR’s Buyer’s Incentive Program rewards savvy buying clients with the monetary difference between ICR’s cooperating broker commission and the routinely lower professional fee that ICR seeks as alternative compensation. See how the Buyer’s Incentive Program benefits clients.


ICR Buyer’s Incentive Program provides financial benefits to Center City home purchasers that its competitors cannot offer. Real estate firms representing Buyers typically receive a pre-determined, cooperating broker commission from the Seller’s broker in the neighborhood of 2.5% to 3% of a home’s sales price. When representing Buyers, ICR seeks compensation only for its billable time and the expense of providing its buying clients with superior, professional representation. In most cases, ICR’s professional fee is substantially less than the offered commission. In those instances, ICR awards its clients the monetary difference between the commission and its fee as an incentive that Buyers can use to reduce closing costs.