Sellers save $12,000 in commission costs in Fairmount

In the summer of 2013 Peter represented a couple in the sale of their Fairmount home. The couple had entered into a contract with one of the “big box” real estate firms, but was quickly disappointed by the service they received. A former ICR client encouraged them to call Peter since his representation would provide an alternative to the hollow promises and bravado displayed by their original agent. After Peter performed significant market analysis to provide much clearer insight their home’s position in the market the Sellers cut their ties with the big box outfit and listed their home with Peter. Within 8 days, the property was under agreement. Peter assisted the Sellers in fixing a few issues identified in the home inspection report and advised them as to the reasonable cost of a credit for another issue. Given the minimal amount of time the house was actively listed on the market, Peter charged the Sellers an amount equivalent to the time and expenses he expended in the transaction. Ultimately, the cost of his representation was less than his standard 1% and the Sellers saved close to $12,000 in commission costs.