Independent Custom Realty Bucks Industry Standards

Independence Custom Realty LLP (ICR) has launched a new kind of real estate agency in Philadelphia with customized sales programs and incentives designed to save home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars.  Dedicated to bringing clarity and accountability to the real estate industry, ICR caps its commission at 4.25 percent and offers a minimum $2,000 incentive to buyers to defray closing costs.

ICR owner Peter Bishop is enthusiastic about this new, more equitable approach to buying and selling real estate.  “We are packaging two much needed trends in real estate, accountability and incentives, and putting them into practice as the rule not the exception,” Bishop said.

For today’s informed and resourceful buyers, ICR offers an unequalled incentive program that rewards them with at least $2,000 at closing, with the incentive increasing as their involvement in the search process increases. “This is the direction we see the industry moving – and we want to be at the forefront of the movement,” Bishop said.  Sellers, too, benefit from ICR’s approach by paying a customized fee reflective of the actual expense (required to sell their homes. “Sellers won’t have to pay hefty commissions for services they may not need or, in some cases, may never receive.”

Throughout the U.S., real estate commissions are negotiable. In at least 40 states, Pa., included, rebates are permissible by law.  Six percent has been the prevailing commission that agents seek from clients to sell their homes, with buyers’ agents receiving 3 percent and listing agents retaining 3 percent.  As a more challenging real estate market has emerged, agents have shown a willingness to charge less than six percent.

ICR’s selling clients pay a maximum fee of 4.25 percent for ICR’s full service representation, but pay less when the time and expenses necessary to sell their homes are more modest.  Bishop describes ICR customers as market-savvy, motivated consumers who understand that they can save or gain thousands of dollars by using ICR rather than a “big box” firm without sacrificing an iota of service.  “We’ve built a sophisticated brokerage with a rich website and knowledgeable agents with a passion for customer satisfaction,” says Bishop.  “We are dedicated to giving people more options and more power when it comes to the sale or purchase of their homes.  That is the future of this industry.”

Independent Custom Realty LLP is located at 429 South 16th Street, on the corner of 16th and Lombard Streets. You can call (215) 732.7427 to schedule an appointment with an ICR agent. For more information, visit